Blood Bowl Halflings Team Card Pack (Inglés)


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Solo en inglés. Redesigned for the Second Season Edition ruleset, this deck of 44 cards will help you keep track of stats and profiles for your team, positions, and Star Players – plus Special Play cards exclusively for use with Halfling teams.CONTENTS – 4x Player Reference cards for Halfling Catchers, Halfling Hopeful Linemen, Halfling Hefties, and Altern Forest Treemen – 4x Star Player cards, including Deeproot Strongbranch, Grak, Crumbleberry, and Rumbelow Sheepskin – 16x Special Play cards exclusive to Halfling teams, 8x Random Events and 8x Miscellaneous Mayhem – 19x Blank Player cards: 13x Halfling Hopeful Lineman, 2x Halfling Catcher, 2x Halfling Hefty, and 2x Altern Forest Treeman – The all-important card explaining how to use the cards, with a red card on the reverseYou’ll need a copy of Blood Bowl: the Official Rules to make full use of these cards.